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Hi! I’m Woolly. Welcome to my website.  Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a sheep.  Oh, you’d noticed.

OK, well to be more specific. I’m a Herdwick sheep. There’s hundreds of thousands of us Herdwick in Cumbria grazing the high fells – my brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, all content to stay on their patch and not to stray.

Not me though – I want more. It’s not a bad life, and the views from my home fell above Little Langdale are spectacular. But I know there’s more out there and I want to find it.

We are very hardy we Herdwicks – we have to be to survive the winters out on the high fells. I’m quite nimble on my feet and with my tough warm fleece I reckon I’m pretty well adapted for the life of adventure.

So I’m saying goodbye to the fells, the farm and the flock, packing my sack and heading for the open road.
You can follow my adventures on Woolly’s Blog.

Woolly fast facts

Fell Foot Farm, Little Langdale
Eye colour: 
Beautiful brown
Fleece colour:
Shaggy grey
Best buddy: 
My cousin Shaun
Favourite sweet: 
Kendal mint cake
Favourite snack:
Sheep dip
Favourite song: 
“Herd it through the grapevine”
Least favourite song:
“Who let the dogs out?”  
Favourite bands: 
The Cardigans
Least favourite artist: 
Snoop Dogg
Favourite dance:
The lambaaa-da  
Favourite lake: 
Favourite flower:
Favourite TV programme:
One Man and His Dog
Favourite car:
Favourite sports personality:
Alan Shearer
Hidden talents:
Getting over cattle grids by rollling
Most likely to say:
“Herdwick is the new cashmere”
Least likely to say:
“I’ll have that with mint sauce…”
“Baaah, humbug!”

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